Patrick Chester

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“The “normal” may scoff at the heroin addict, the alcoholic, the gambling addict. To understand addiction is to realize that it affects all.”

Patrick Chester

Patrick Chester, a landscape architect based in Seattle, Washington, is a mental health and addiction speaker. As a speaker, there are three core messages that Patrick always tries to impress upon his audience.



Addiction is a brain disease, and needs to be treated as such. Too many people simply don’t understand that addiction is a medically proven mental health issue.


There is always help and too many addicts will die because they don’t know where to turn or go for help.


We are failing as a society by closing our minds and scoffing at the alcoholic, the heroin addict, gambling addict, the opioid addict…

“We do great harm to those most important to us during our addiction. If and when they welcome us back, it cannot derail our recovery.”

Patrick Chester

As an advocate for mental health and addiction, Patrick Chester supports a variety of organizations dedicated to those still suffering or in their journey of recovery.


PeaceLove works to  change how people think about mental health. They help people find their voice, make meaningful connections, and discover new tools for mental wellness. Through expressive arts programs and storytelling, they help individuals and communities create peace of mind.

The Herren Project

A non-profit foundation established by former NBA basketball player, Chris Herren that assists individuals and families struggling with addiction. The THP Project Purple initiative was launched to break the stigma of addiction, bring awareness to the dangers of substance abuse and encourage positive decision making to navigate life’s challenges.

Project Turnabout

For more than 47 years, Project Turnabout has been quietly providing an ever-growing range of quality treatment. Their recovery services offer real hope for a brighter future to people who are suffering from the overpowering grip of addiction.

Coastal Treatment Services

Coastal Treatment Services is a state-accredited outpatient counseling and treatment program for individuals and families struggling with addictions and behavioral health problems. Coastal treats their patients and their loved ones with respect, tailoring a treatment program to each client’s learning style and priorities.

Evergreen Counsel on Problem Gambling

The Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization committed to providing services and programs for problem gamblers, their families, employers, students, treatment professionals, and the greater community through gambling addiction treatment support, information and education, advocacy, research, and prevention efforts.

“Rock bottom can be a scary place, however, it will set you on a path to a beautiful life.”

Patrick Chester