It is no secret that the holiday season is one of the most taxing times of the year. After all, one is expected not only to fulfill the societal expectations of purchasing and presenting the perfect gifts; attending gatherings coordinated by family members, friends, and their workplace; and remaining calm, collected, and cheerful, but they must do so all while juggling their everyday responsibilities as well.

Additionally, some of these activities may unearth painful memories for some individuals, as they may encounter troublesome family members or other stressful — or even triggering — situations.

With that in mind, let us take a step back from the holiday hustle and bustle and review the importance of putting ourselves first, as well as how that feat can be achieved — even during this time of year.

Get yourself out

Whether you are in a family member’s home or at a workplace gathering, it is imperative that you remove yourself from the environment if you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed. This can be achieved by offering to run errands, stating you need to make or take an urgent phone call, or just by slipping out when the room’s attention is captured by something else.

Regardless of your escape strategy, be sure you do something to lift your spirits before returning — like treating yourself to a nice cup of coffee or tea, listening to a funny podcast or upbeat playlist on your way to and from the store, and taking the long way home.

Get some additional rest

As previously mentioned, the holiday season can be especially draining. If you find yourself muddling through the day, consider clearing your afternoon schedule or even pushing some tasks to the next day to take a quick nap. While you may think this is counterproductive at first, it may prove to be just the refresher you needed to tick the rest of the items off your daily to-do list.

Do not be afraid to care for yourself

During this season of giving, it is sometimes frowned upon to do something for yourself. Break that pattern by taking a day — or even two — to push your holiday-related activities from your mind, relax, and recharge. This can be accomplished by unplugging from social media, diving into that book you have wanted to read for so long, and simply doing the healthy and restorative things you want to do.

Evidently, it is not difficult to take care of yourself during the holiday season — you just need to commit to doing so. Although it may be difficult to separate yourself from the madness at first, you will be so thankful you did.